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Productronica in Messe Munich on November 10-13, 2015

Productronica in Messe Munich on November 10-13, 2015

09/11/2015 As a worldwide specialist in automated solutions for splice crimping, pin insertion and press-fit technology, SM Contact introduces its future service highlight at productronica. The leading trade fair for electronics manufacturing takes place in Messe Munich (Germany) on November 10-13, 2015.

Along with time-proved and up-to-date splice crimping and pin insertion equipment, SM Contact presents an in-depth proposal for splice connection manufacturing : Full process control (FPC) Solution. FPC Solution is a new aspect of standard quotation that is as much about nonstop quality assurance both at pre- and after-sales stages as production equipment itself.

“In hundreds of cases when the customers don’t get an expected outcome, they measure their connections’ parameters in a wrong way or inaccurately, not using the proper supervisory instruments. This makes a real problem for them and engineering staff to come to understanding about difficulties they faced,“ states Christophe Roshardt, General Manager at SM Contact. “Oftentimes, another point is time-losing multi-stage interaction between a customer and engineering staff mediated by sales and purchasing managers”.

Aimed to solve these problems, the new approach involves :

• Connection qualification and tooling definition ;
• Private online access to connection standards, equipment manuals and software updates ;
• Splice equipment with in-line quality control options ;
• Laboratory equipment for after-production monitoring ;
• Annual requalification and machine calibration ;
• Hotline assistance.

Several measures were elaborated to simplify and automate the quality control. This year SM Contact launched VISO 6.00 – updated software for the laboratory equipment, and SM Cloud – a data storage with private customers’ access. These two services unlock synergies for splice manufacturing :

1. Having an access to all technical characteristics, tolerances of the components and the laboratory machines reports in SM Cloud, the customer keeps abreast of the product quality ;
2. Due to the new software, laboratory equipment is able to send reports automatically to SM Contact monitoring system and lets the company react proactively, changing tolerances, informing the customer of wrong tooling adjustment, wearing of equipment, etc.

“At productronica each of our guests can follow the whole FPC Solution idea by observing a demonstration from the beginning to the end to ensure that it is a very clear offer”, announces Mr. Roshardt.

The first booth zone is devoted to the connection design at the initial FPC stage. Whenever it is required, SM Contact engineers measure cross-view, pull force, electrical resistance, galvanic corrosion or CPK match by simulation and laboratory tests based on customer’s inputs. The received results determine recommendations for optimal connection characteristics and necessary tooling, which are represented in the form of a Control list and a CPK report. Examples of these documents, testing procedures as well as simulation videos will portray this stage.

Splice equipment with various levels of upgrade will be demonstrated next to each other, showcasing the connection production stage. That is the “previous” (original) ACS 2000 versus retrofitted with a new motorized feeding system and SM Contact tooling design, SM Crimp 2000 with Crimp Force Monitor and Cutting Unit. Certainly, the laboratory equipment, which is micrograph laboratory SK 6000 and novel solution for crimp height control, will test samples directly at the booth.

In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the demo version of SM Cloud data storage and to see the process of customized machine engineering.

For the “dessert”, SM Contact will present manual wire harness taping tool, which is its innovation.

“I believe our customers value the fact that we do not leave them standing in the rain during whole life of the product,” notices Christophe Roshardt. “After the recent expansion of SM Contact product line with the quality control equipment and development of splice machines upgrade the time seems ripe to support this full process chain. And I believe we are one of a kind !”

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